When we try to make our bodies and minds run at the pace of a cell phone, we tend to come up a little short. It's really tough to consume the medically recommended daily allowance of vegetables while we work, play, and pick up pizza for the kids. That's why we created SmoothKrew, to help you on your daily journey.


This raw, natural, non GMO juice smoothie is full of green leafy vegetables and fruit that will boost your immune system, and make you feel great. This gluten and dairy free drink tastes incredible. The juice is blended so that you get the benefit of all the fiber which helps to keep digestion flowing and the colon happy.


* These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease.


2unsweet Grasshopper

  • If you want to prepare your immune system for all-out war, make garlic your new best friend forever. Grasshopper has the right mix of lemon and garlic so you don’t actually lose any of your life- long friends.