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What Does LMK Stand For?

LMK stands for Loice Mae's Kitchen. The company was named for my mother. She was a single parent who raised nine children.  She taught us the value of hard work. Giving up was not an option even when she felt she could not take another step. She showed me the way around the kitchen and now, I'm just passing along the gift. Her hugs and sweet potato pie were really the best.



SMOOTHKREW is the brand name for the drinks that the LMK company makes. Your "krew" includes your vital organs, blood vessels, and skeletal frame, among other parts. Every part of the body has a special role.  When the parts work together in unison, the body runs smoothly. In the same way, a boat on the water appears to float with little effort when each person on the crew team competes their given task.

Why should customers drink SMOOTHKREW?


SMOOTHKREW has several whole ingredients in an effort to make the body healthy and whole. We use hand picked organic and locally grown produce to blend smoothies that taste divine. This drink is full of so much flavor and fiber that it will make you fabulous.  Each blend will help you obtain the daily recommended servings of vegetables and fruit. The drink will fill you up, help your colon dance, and put a smile on your face.

What is the 2UNSWEET blend?

2UNSWEET is the diabetic friendly blend. It is cool and refreshing with lots of vegetables and flavor. This blend helps persons concerned with their blood sugar level.

What is the PURPOSE of LMK?

The PURPOSE of the company is to increase the daily intake of green leafy vegetables across the nation. Increasing the intake of green leafy vegetables will provide the body with needed nutrients and boost the immune system.

What type of cleanses does LMK have?

We encourage every person to drink SMOOTHKREW on a daily basis.  LMK has two types of cleanses. The one day cleanse includes 3 bottles of juice.  Yes, you get to select the blends.  


The three day cleanse includes 10 bottles of juice. Of course the customer can have their way.

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